Guided walking tour in Gouda

Gouda is more than the city of cheese and “stroopwafels” (lit. syrup waffles). The beautiful town of Gouda can best be traversed on foot. This city has surprising views and fascinating stories. Gouda received city rights in 1272 by Count Floris V. It had a harbor and was important for the route and trade between Flanders and France on the one hand and Holland and the Baltic Sea on the other. Gouda had a right to eigh cheese, among other things. Today you ‘ll find different things in de Goudse Waag. You can learn about the buildings history, the products weighed and traded and how cheese is made.During the guided walking tour our guide will introduce the hidden Gouda to you.

Gouda is also famous for the beautiful stained glass windows of the Sint-Janskerk.

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